About Us

We are a design, development and manufacturing company with highly skilled manpower and specialized infrastructure for products of modern era warfare. Every day, our more than 400 employees come to work with focus on meeting customers' requirement in a befitting manner. We offer products with precision strike capability coping with variety of combat requirements, integrated with our steadfast commitment and resolve to achieve customers' satisfaction.

Our business model includes active engagement with renowned defense and commercial partners to synergize our strengths for provision of military warfare products of future, and bring state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology to the competitive defense market. The company has a modern facility furnished with high end manufacturing machinery and equipment that provides extensive capabilities ranging from parts manufacturing to end product assembly, environmental testing, and field trials prior to delivery.

Harobanx product line is short to medium range precision guided missiles deployable on multiple types of launch platforms (aerial, land, sea) and capable of engaging variety of targets depending upon battle field requirements. We provide seamless life cycle support and services in order to maintain combat worthiness of customers' arsenal equipped with our products. Harobanx continuously develops, adapts and banks upon modern era technology to fulfil customers' evolving needs.